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A revolutionary speed loading system that gives you the convenience of carrying your speed loader flat and concealed with the rapid cylinder loading of a standard speed loader.


Made from nickel plated, high carbon and stainless steel for durability 


Carries flat, secure and concealed on your belt in a durable nylon belt holster designed look like you are carrying a regular smart phone. Gives quick and reliable access for fast reloads when seconds count without drawing attention from nosey people to your Wrapid Loader.


- Both the belt loop and belt clip style nylon belt holsters can be carried on your belt either vertically or horizontally.

- Nylon Holsters comes with a carabiner to attatch your loader to bags.


  • No more fumbling through your pockets to find your speed loaders and speed strips
  • No more uncomfortable, protruding cases on your belt printing for the World to see.
  • No more slow to load speed strips that can dislodge rounds leaving loose ammo in your pockets when you need them most.
  • No more leaving your six shooter at home because its too uncomfortable, too hard to conceal and too annoying to have a fast reloading system on your person.


The Wrapid Loader fits almost all six shot 38Sp/.357Mag Revolvers including:

  • All S&W K frame revolvers, like models 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68
  • Most Taurus models including: 606, 65, 66, 80, 82, 668, and 669
  • Most Dan Wesson six shooters
  • Ruger Security Six, Speed Six and Service Six, GP100
  • Colt Python, Trooper, Detective special.
  • The Windicator
  • Chiappa Rhinos in 6 shot .38sp/.357mag
  • and many other popular brands, frame sizes and models


Package Includes: 1 Rapid Loader and 1 Nylon Stealth Belt Case  (Ammo NOT Included)

Wrapid Loader with Stealth Case

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