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   Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Question: Will you (KazTac) ever make a 7 or 8 round Wrapid Loader?

#1 Answer: Probably not, The Wrapid Loader is designed on a link system and the longer and heavier that set of links gets, the less reliable and slower reloading it becomes. Basically it becomes too wobbly and Janky when you add too many cartridges. We are currently brain storming a fix for this issue. So who knows?

#2 Question: Can you let me know when (insert product of choice) is back in stock?

#2 Answer: YES and No......We do not have any "list" that we manually put people on to let customers know when something is back in stock .....BUT when a product is out of stock on any product page there will be a link that says  "Notify When Available". You simply click that link, leave your email and when the product is back in stock you will receive a back in stock email right away.

#3 Question: When will (insert product of choice) be back in stock?

#3 Answer: SOON...... As of now (Feb 2024) KazTac is less than a year old and we are furiously working to increase our production each month. If you would like to be emailed when a product is back in stock, go to the product page, click "Notify When Back in Stock" and follow the prompts to receive a back in stock email when the product is back in stock.

#4 Question: Will you (KazTac) ever make a Wrapid Loader for (insert persons cartridge of choice)?

#4 Answer: MAYBE, but as of now (Feb 2024) the demand for our current models is so high that we need to focus on being able to meet that demand before considering adding new models to our line of Wrapid Loaders. So we will probably be adding new models for more cartridges in the future sometime. If you join our website as a member , which is free, you will get a newsletter when ever we come out with something new. BUT If the Cartridge your are inquiring about is a semi-auto cartridge then the answer is NO, the Wrapid Loader design only works with rimmed cartridges.

#5 Question: When I placed my PRE-ORDER there was an estimated time to be shipped. That time has passed and my order still has not been shipped, WHY?

#5 Answer: All estimated shipping times for Pre-Orders are just that, ESTIMATED. Sometimes things happen that will delay that time frame. If at any time during a pre-sale you decide that you would like to cancel your order and get a refund just let us know via our CONTACT PAGE, (linked at the top of every page on this website) and we will do that right away for you. 

#6 Question: I sent a reply to one of your emails that you sent me and no one ever got back to me....WHY?

#6 Answer: Because the email you replied to was an automated email sent by our server. If you reply to any of our automated server emails it will never be seen by human eyes. If you would like to reach our staff here at KazTac please use our CONTACT PAGE which is linked at the top of every page on We answer these inquiries quickly, Often times within minutes.

#7 Question: Why don't you have a phone number on your website?

#7 Answer: We used to list our phone number on the website and it rang non stop all day with the questions listed on this page....Hundreds of calls of the same questions day after day after day. This severely hampered our ability to focus of growing our business and focusing on getting our current paid customers' orders out on time. We are VERY busy here. If you absolutely need to speak with us via telephone let us know on our contact page and we can send you our phone number or call you if you would like.

#8 Question: Do you sell and/or Ship to (insert location of choice)?

#8 Answer: We can ship World Wide to any location as long as it is A. Legal for us to do so and B. The USPS will ship to that location.

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