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**ATTENTION** Today (06-10-2024)  this item was back in stock and sold out almost immediately. We will be accepting Pre-orders now for a scheduled delivery in early to mid Sept. 2024 (very possibly earlier) Thank you for your incredible patience out there Folks.


That's right..... The FIVE SHOT Wrapid Loader.


The customers have spoken and we are fulfilling your wishes......


We hired a machinist to take our existing 6 round Wrapid loaders and machine them into fully functional 5 round variants that will work in your five round carry revolvers!


The 5 round Wrapid loader will fit the.38/.357 S&W J frame, Ruger LCR and SP101 models.


**Each 5 Round Wrapid loader requires 30-45 minutes of detailed machining work to turn the six round variants into five round  variants. This extra time and work requires us to add a $10 machining/labor charge for a total price of $59.99........ THE 5 ROUND VARIANT WILL NOT RECESS THE AMMO IT HOLDS ALL THE WAY INTO YOUR 5 ROUND CYLINDER, THE ROUNDS WILL PENETRATE ROUGHLY HALF WAY INTO THE CYLINDER WHEN RELOADING AND THEN STOP. THIS IS NOT A DEFECT! AND WHEN YOU PULL THE TAB TO RELEASE THEM THE ROUNDS WILL DROP FREE WITH NO ISSUE......IN FACT THIS IS HOW THE ORIGINAL 6 ROUND VARIANT IS MEANT TO WORK WITH 6 ROUND K FRAME REVOLVERS......SO DO NOT THINK THAT YOUR UNIT IS DEFECTIVE**

The "Wrapid" Loader System (5 Round)

Expected to ship early to mid September 2024
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