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Compatible with - S&W N-Frame, 29, 629/Dan Wesson/Ruger Redhawk/Super Redhawk/Colt Anaconda/Taurus .44, 444 Raging Bull is proud to be the only USA distributer to offer the legendary SL Variant speed loader!


Originally made is Germany and loved by revolver enthusiasts above all others. Then one day production stopped and they all but disapeared from the market. The SL Variant is back and manufactured in Japan with the same strict tolerances and attention to quality as before. These are not Chinese or 3rd Wold knock-offs.....These are of the highest quality made in a country known for its superior manufacting and craftsmanship. These are PRECISE and accurate reproductions of the originals.


The SL variant has an adjustment knob that will adjust it for one loader to fit mutiple revolver models. Below are the manufacturers lists of compatible models. They may fit more than what is listed due to the adjujstment feature.

6 Shot Model N-277 .44 mag & .45 Long Colt

$54.99 Regular Price
$46.74Sale Price
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